• Eddie Holbrook: Protecting us from nuclear waste
    Posted On: Feb 17, 2017

    Eddie Holbrook is an environmental specialist with the state Department of Ecology in Richland. He keeps us safe as he inspects the Hanford nuclear reservation and other sites.

    Eddie is one of the state employees we may never see but whose work we couldn’t live without.

    Eddie is one of our dedicated Department of Ecology employees who protects us from the dangers of mixed radioactive and chemically hazardous waste at Hanford, commercial sites and facilities run by the Navy. That includes appropriate oversight for the safe management and disposal of hazardous materials at the Richland low-level radioactive waste disposal site.

    “Most of the facilities that we look at are not your typical mom-and-pop shops,” Eddie says. “They’re large, complicated facilities that take a couple of weeks to parse through and figure out.”

    There may be day care centers, or homes or businesses that might be harmed if the hazardous waste doesn’t stay where it’s supposed to be, Eddie says.

    Ecology inspectors like him “make sure the waste stays where waste is supposed to be – in the drums, in the tanks, finding its right disposal path and making sure nothing gets lost in the management out there (Hanford),” Eddie says.

    “It’s a big site, it’s complicated. There are hundreds of cleanup activities going on each day. And to ensure oversight, especially as a state employee, my No. 1 obligation to the people of Washington is to keep them safe. Keep waste out of the Columbia River, out of the air and out of the ground.”

    Washington state employees like Eddie Holbrook are the public servants who work for us everyday.

    Call your legislators at 1-800-562-6000 and tell them to support our dedicated state employees. Fund their negotiated collective bargaining agreements – competitive pay will keep our state public servants from fleeing to higher-paying jobs elsewhere.

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